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Tour Terms & Conditions

By booking an Italy Adventures tour, all travelers agree to the following Tour Terms and Conditions:


1. Statement of Participation and Health: I agree that I am Covid-19 free and in reasonably good physical condition to participate in an Italy Adventures tour. I agree that I am able to sustain walking and standing, to walk over uneven pavement, to walk up and down hills, to use stairs, as well as other physical activities.

2. Our Tours Are All-Inclusive: There are no surprise expenses.

Meals include all food, coffee, tea, soft drinks, water and Italian house wine. We also include cocktails and Italian wine by the bottle at all events hosted at the private palazzo and at wine tastings. 


If you wish to have wine by the bottle instead of house wine, or a cocktail or after-dinner drink, you can purchase these at your expense.


All of our tours include transportation within Central Italy, transportation to and from the Rome airport, Italian hotel accommodations, tour guides, museum entrance fees, tips and of course, wonderful Italian gelato.


You are only financially responsible for your own personal out-of-pocket expenses, passport fees, travel insurance (strongly recommended), along with round trip airfare.


The tour price is a per person cost in US dollars. Any tour discounts that you have received will be automatically deducted from your final payment.


All tour reservations must be paid in full by 90 days prior to the start of a tour. Any reservations received less than 90 days prior to the start of a tour, must be paid in full at the time of booking, upon receipt of your invoice.


If your trip balance is not paid by the due date specified on your invoice, Italy Adventures will consider your reservation cancelled. We will issue you a Future Travel Voucher for the entire amount that you paid. This Voucher can be applied to a future tour.

3. Airport Pick-Up: If your flight is delayed, you do not need to worry. There is no transportation surcharge if your flight is delayed 4 hours or less. If you miss a specified pick-up time for a period of time between 4-to-10 hours after your scheduled arrival time due to a delayed, cancelled, or missed airline flight for any reason, the driver will wait for you at the airport. In this case, you will incur a transportation surcharge of $195 per group of travelers to be paid the next day after arrival in Italy. Trip cancellation insurance is invaluable and may cover some or all of these expenses. 

4. Cancelling A Tour

​As a matter of policy, Italy Adventures does not assess any cancellation fees.

If you decide to cancel your reservation prior to the start of your private tour, for any reason, including, but not limited to medical reasons, family emergencies or personal issues, Italy Adventures will issue you a Future Travel Voucher. 


The Future Travel Voucher is valid for two years and can be applied to any future available Italy Adventures tour. 


The balance of the amount you paid will be refunded to you according to the following schedule:

Number of Days Prior To
Start Date Of  Tour

Over 120 Days

31 Days To 120 Days

30 Days Or Less

Value Of Future Travel Voucher Per Person 




Amount Refunded
Per Person

Amount Paid Less $1,000

Amount Paid Less $2,500

Amount Paid Less $4,500

In addition, any person who is issued a Future Travel Voucher will have First Priority for a future tour when rebooking.


Covid-19 Risk-Free Booking Policy. Customer health and safety is our number one priority. If you or anyone in your group gets Covid-19 within 30 days of the start of your tour, we will give you a full refund. Just email us a copy of the positive test result and we will refund all of the money that you paid.


In order to cancel your tour reservation, you must:

A.  Send us a cancellation email at:


B.  Notify us by phone by calling us in the USA at 317-634-5319. ​


Please note that Italy Adventures must confirm receipt of your email or phone call in order for the cancellation to be effective.


We will confirm receipt of your cancellation in writing by email. You will receive -- either a refund or a refund and a Future Travel Voucher -- after receiving a confirmation of your tour cancellation.​

Italy Adventures reserves the right to cancel a tour for any reason. In the highly unlikely event that a cancellation occurs, all payments will be fully refunded.​ All of our cancellation terms and conditions apply when booking a tour with Italy Adventures and cancelling a tour.

5. Liability Waver and Assumption of Risk: Italy Adventures makes every effort to ensure safety during all of our tours but we cannot control each and every aspect for every tour. For this reason, you are responsible for your own behavior and safety. This includes:

  • You are responsible for choosing the appropriate tour based on your personal abilities, health and fitness.

  • Italy Adventures is not responsible for your baggage or personal effects.


  • Italy Adventures occasionally makes use of products and services provided by a variety of independent contractors for tours. Italy Adventures makes a reasonable effort to ensure the reputation of each service provider. Ital! Adventures is not responsible or liable for the gross negligence, injury, accident, or intentional acts committed by any service provider or other third party. 


  • You acknowledge that you have voluntarily chosen to book your tour with Italy Adventures. You are in good health, and suffer no physical or mental condition that would make you especially susceptible to injury or disability while participating on a tour. You assume all risk associated with travel in Italy including Acts of God and weather, accidents and transportation delays. Each traveler understands that they are assuming all risks associated with various tour activities including illness, physical injuries, altitude, alcohol consumption, physical exertion, disease and sporting activities. 


  • You are ultimately responsible for your own personal health and well-being including: dietary concerns and for taking necessary medications such as those for chronic conditions, and/or allergies to foods, insects, etc. You consent and acknowledge that if you need any emergency medical services during a given tour -- as a result of an illness or accident that arises during your tour -- that you are personally financially liable for any medical or legal bills that may result. You also agree to notify Italy Adventures in writing if you are injured prior to, during, or after a tour in Italy or if you have a condition for which emergency medical personnel should be informed. Italy Adventures and its agents are not legally obligated to act on this information in any way.


  • Italy Adventures reserves the right to accept, remove, or decline any traveler who is participating in a tour, at any time, for any reason. In such case, a refund equal to the actual cost of unused services will be remitted and this is the limit of Italy Adventures’ responsibility.


  • All travelers agree to follow Italian laws and regulations. Additionally, all services and accommodations we provide are subject to these laws and regulations. Italy Adventures LLC is officially registered in the State of Indiana in the US. All parties agree that any disputes will be litigated or mediated in the jurisdiction of the State of Indiana in Indianapolis.

  • All cancellation terms and conditions apply when booking a tour with Italy Adventures.

  • Italy Adventures and their associates reserve the right to take photographic or video records and may use such for promotional and/or commercial purposes.


  • Finally, unforeseen events may occur beyond the immediate control of Italy Adventures including flight/train/boat/other transportation cancellations, or unexpected schedule changes. Italy Adventures is not responsible for such uncontrolled or unanticipated changes or costs. However, you may be able to recoup such costs if you purchase Travel Insurance.


6. Accommodations and Internet Access: All Italy Adventures travelers stay at authentic and charming Italian accommodations with air conditioning and private bathrooms. Many of our hotels have a pool, restaurant and a bar on-site.


Many of our accommodations are small, family-owned hotels located in historic properties -- some of which are hundreds of years old. They are frequently more quaint and memorable than chain hotels in North America.


Due to the nature of historic properties, in-room wi-fi coverage can be spotty in some areas and some hotels may require the use of stairs. In addition, European bedrooms, beds and bathrooms often are smaller than those in the United States.


Accommodations on the Adriatic Sea are near or above a rocky beach with limited access to swimming in the sea. All Adriatic Sea accommodations have a pool which is available for guests to use in season.

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