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Cancellation Terms & Conditions

Italy Adventures does not assess any cancellation fees.


If you decide to cancel your reservation prior to the start of our tour, for any reason, including, but not limited to medical reasons, family emergencies or personal issues, Italy Adventures will issue you a Future Travel Voucher. 


The Future Travel Voucher is valid for two years and can be applied to any future available Italy Adventures tour. 


 The balance of the amount you paid will be refunded to you according to the following schedule:

Number of Days Prior

To Start Date Of  Tour

Over 120 Days 

31 Days To 120 Days

30 Days Or Less

Value Of Future Travel Voucher Per Person 




Amount Refunded
Per Person

Amount Paid Less $1,000

Amount Paid Less $2,500

Amount Paid Less $4,500

In addition, any person who is issued a Future Travel Voucher will have First Priority for a future tour when rebooking.

To Cancel Your Tour

In order to cancel your tour reservation, you must:

1.  Send us a cancellation email at:

​     We will confirm your cancellation by email.


2.  Call and speak to a representative at our US office at 317-634-5319. ​ 

Please note that Italy Adventures must confirm receipt of your email or phone call in order for the cancellation to be effective.

We will confirm receipt of your cancellation in writing by email. You will receive -- either a refund or a refund and a Future Travel Voucher -- after receiving a confirmation of your tour cancellation.​

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