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Booking Your Own Exclusive 
Italian Small Group Tour

1. How do I reserve and book my own Italian small group tour to take an escorted tour of Italy with Italy Adventures?


Booking is simple. Click here to inquire about booking a tour.

2. Why should I take an Italian small group tour with Italy Adventures? I am really not a "big tour person." 

Our small tours are designed for travelers just like you who want lots of flexibility,  who want to do just the things that they enjoy, and to be on their own as much as they wish.


Our mission is to make your Italy visit as easy and convenient as possible. You'll have plenty of time to discover the real, authentic, charming, out-of-the-way Italy that we are so lucky to experience every day. We are happy to mix-and-match days from any of the tours we offer so you can do just what you want.


Our Italian small group tours are truly small. They are limited from just 2-to-8 travelers. And we guarantee that no strangers will be added to your group.

We are also proud to offer our  casual “White Glove” service where will we will accompany you in person each day, as desired. We’ll linger with you at restaurants to translate menus, walk through towns to introduce you to various shop keepers or translate information from winery visits. We are also happy to “disappear” and return to pick you up at a later time, if you wish.


You are in control.

Our Italian small group tours are all-inclusive in Italy. There are no hidden charges.


Our 7 day Italy tours are conducted throughout Central Italy within the regions of Umbria and Tuscany.


Our 10 day tours of Italy are also conducted in Umbria and Tuscany but also feature visits to the beautiful Tuscan towns of Florence and Siena.


All of our Italy small group tours are reserved for adults and seniors, age 16 years and older.

Booking Your Private Tour
FAQ 2b
Making Reservations

3. How can I make a reservation for my Italy small group tour?

Click here to make your reservation.

4. My preferred dates are already taken by other travelers. Can you let me know if these dates open up in the future?


Yes. Email us and we will put you on our waiting list and offer you possible alternative dates.

5. Are your tour prices and tour packages of Italy competitive with other tour companies?


We offer some of the best tour packages for Italy. All of our Italian small group tours are highly cost-competitive.


In fact, our tours are all-inclusive in Italy. There are no hidden charges. You do not need to worry about having lots of foreign currency in your purse or wallet or about calculating costs in your home currency.


We are among the best tour companies to Italy in that tour sizes are among the smallest and most private of any tour company. All of our Italian small group tours are private and are restricted to 2-to-8 travelers. Our prices are even lower than many tour companies that require busloads of large groups of strangers.

We are highly cost-effective and highly competitive.

FAQ 5b

Cancelling My
Italian Small Group Tour Reservation 

6. How do I cancel a reservation?

To cancel your tour reservation, you must:


  • ​Call our US office at 317-634-5319.

Please Note: Italy Adventures must confirm receipt of all cancellations by email. If a refund is due, you will be refunded within 15 days of your cancellation.

Cancelling Reservations

Single Supplements

7. Do you charge a single supplement fee for your Italy small group tours?

Yes, we change an additional single supplement fee of $300 for each of all of our 7 day tours and 10 day tours. Other than this fee, our Italy small group tours are all-inclusive. You are responsible to purchase your tickets to and from Italy. Once you arrive, our tours are all-inclusive in Italy. You only need to pay for souvenirs and other personal expenses.

Single Supplements
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FAQ 12

Italy Small Group Tour Questions

8. What makes your Italian small group tours different at Italy Adventures?


At Italy Adventures, we have a passion for all things Italian. We love the people, the culture, the history, the architecture, the geography, the food, the wine, and the Italian way of life. And we want to share our love of Italy with you.

Our mission is to make your Italy visit as easy and convenient as possible. You'll have plenty of time to discover the real, authentic, charming, out-of-the-way Italy that we are so lucky to experience every day.  

9. What is included and not included in each Italian small group tour? Are all meals and airfare included?  Are all of your tours of Italy excluding airfare?


Every one of our our tours is an all-inclusive in Italy tour. Once you arrive in Italy, there are no surprise expenses.


Meals include all food, coffee, tea, soft drinks, sparkling water and Italian house wine. We also include cocktails and Italian wine by the bottle at all events hosted at a private palazzo and at wine tastings. 


In addition, if you wish to have wine by the bottle instead of house wine, or a cocktail or after-dinner drink, you can purchase these at your expense.


All of our Italian small group tours also include all land transportation within Central Italy, transportation to and from the Rome or Florence airports, Italian hotel accommodations, tour guides, museum entrance fees, tips and of course, wonderful Italian gelato.


We exclude and you are responsible for personal out-of-pocket expenses, passport fees, travel insurance (strongly recommended) and airfare to Italy.

The tour price is a per person cost in US dollars.

10.  How many days are reserved for your Italy small group tours?​


All of our guided and escorted tours are either 7 days Italy tours or 10 day tours of Italy

11. Can I mix and match activities from other Italy small group tours and incorporate these into my tour?

Yes, when possible we will incorporate days from your other Italian small group tours into your particular tour. Please inquire when you reserve your tour.

12. Can we bring our children or grandchildren on the tour?

We limit our Italy small group tours to seniors, adults and pre-adults 16 years of age or more.

13. Do I need to carry my luggage to my room? How many pieces of luggage can I bring with me?

No, you do not need to carry your luggage to your hotel room. It will be brought to your room in both Umbria and in Florence shortly after you check-in.

We limit our travelers to the same requirements that international airlines require.  These are: one piece of luggage weighing up to 50 pounds (or 22 kilograms), a small roll-on bag and a purse or small backpack.

14. Do you conduct your Italian small group tours outside of Central Italy in places like Rome, Venice, Naples or the Amalfi Coast?

No. At the current time, we only conduct our Italy small group tours within Central Italy in the regions of Umbria -- around the ancient Roman town of Spello -- and in Tuscany in the cities of Florence and Siena.

If you are planning to visit other regions of Italy or Europe after your Italy Adventures tour, we will take you to a nearby train station and ensure that you get on the right train to your next destination. We can also drop you off at a nearby car rental agency.

15. Are there any age restrictions or physical requirements for travelers? Is there a lot of walking during your Italian small group tours?

We offer Italy small group tours to seniors, adults, and young adults who are 16 years of age or more. You must be in reasonably good physical condition to participate in an Italy Adventures tour. You must also be able to sustain walking and standing, to walk over uneven pavement, to walk up and down hills, to use stairs, as well as other physical activities. 


16. What are Italian accommodations like?


We have personally stayed at all accommodations where we book travelers. You will stay at a small, boutique, Italian 4-star hotel that is charming and authentic, featuring modern amenities including: wi-fi, air conditioning and a private in-suite bathroom. Many of our Italian 4-star hotels have a pool, restaurant and a bar on-site.

Most accommodations are small, family-owned hotels located in historic properties -- some of which are hundreds of years old. They are frequently more quaint and memorable than chain hotels in North America.


Due to the very nature of historic properties, in-room wi-fi coverage can be spotty in some areas and some hotels may require the use of stairs. In addition, European bedrooms, beds and bathrooms often are smaller than those typically found in the United States.

17. Do you advise purchasing Italy trip insurance? Do I need health insurance to travel to Italy for my Italian small group tour?

When you are visiting Italy, it is important to have travel and trip insurance in place for all kinds of reasons. Italy Adventures strongly recommends that all travelers obtain travel insurance to cover any unforeseen costs that a traveler may incur by cancelling their trip, airline tickets, loss of luggage, trip delay, medical expenses, and so forth. American health insurance policies typically do not cover health expenses in Italy.


Some agencies to that sell this insurance include: Travelex, Allianz Travel Insurance, Insure My Trip and World Nomads We do not receive a commission from any of these companies. Please investigate which one is best for you.


18. How does using credit cards in Italy work? Can tourists use ATM cards in Italy?


Visa and MasterCard credit cards are accepted throughout Italy. Many smaller establishments prefer to use euros and do not accept any credit cards. American Express cards are accepted less frequently by retailers and restaurants in Italy.


We recommend bringing your bank ATM card to use during your visit to Italy. These cards are widely accepted at most Italian banks.


19. What is your smoking policy?


Smoking is forbidden by Italian law in all hotels, restaurants, offices, bars and other public places. We are also a smoke-free company and do not allow smoking on our Italy small group tours.


20. How do we meet up at the Rome airport?


Once you arrive in Rome at Fiumicino airport you will be met by an Italian/English-speaking chauffeur. Depending on the size of your group, they will whisk you away by private, air-conditioned car or van to the spectacular heart of Italy to start your Italian small group tour. They will meet you immediately once you exit baggage claim and will be holding a placard with your name. You will also have their cell phone number to call or text if you encounter any difficulty.


21. What if my plane is delayed in arriving in Rome?


You do not need to worry. There is no transportation surcharge if your flight is delayed 4 hours or less. 


If you miss a specified pick-up time for a period of time between 4-to-10 hours after your scheduled arrival time due to a delayed, cancelled, or missed airline flight for any reason, the driver will wait for you at the airport. In this case, you will incur a transportation surcharge of $195 per group of travelers to be paid the next day after arrival in Italy. Trip cancellation insurance is invaluable and may cover some or all of these expenses. 


22. Do we tip in Italy? What is this “We Tip For You"? What is the policy of tipping in restaurants in Italy?


You do not need to worry about tipping. All of our Italian small group tours are all-inclusive in Italy. All tips are included and we will tip for you during each day of your tour. 


Italy Adventures generously tips the drivers, tour guides, restaurants, and at all other appropriate places during your Italian small group tour. There are occasions when you will have superlative service and you may want to express your personal gratitude. Even then, to tip or not to tip is entirely up to you.

Tour Questions
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Tips For Travel In Italy

Tips For Travel In Italy

23. What type of clothing for Italy will I need during my Italian small group tour?


We recommend that you give careful consideration to your selection of shoes. A pair or two of comfortable shoes will greatly enhance your comfort and enjoyment. You will probably be walking more than you do on a regular day at home. 


In general, daytime dress in Central Italy -- in the areas of both Umbria and Tuscany -- tends to be on the casual side. Evening wear can consist of jeans or casual pants paired with a nice shirt/blouse and a jacket, depending on the weather.


Spring and fall days are pleasantly moderate; warm during the day, and cool at night. Spring tends to be a bit wetter than the fall season, and many of our spring visitors choose to pack a light rain jacket for an occasional rainy day.


Our summers can sometimes be quite hot for brief periods, but even those days are usually moderated by cool nighttime temperatures.


No matter what time of year, layering is recommended; a light sweater in the morning and evenings will serve you well.  You may also want to add a scarf into the mix. During the hot summer season, a hat, sunscreen, and sunglasses are a must.


Churches in Italy continue to observe traditional clothing standards. Women should be prepared to cover shoulders while men should not wear shorts that are excessively short.


24. What is the best cell phone for travel to Italy or the best cell phone for Italy during my Italian small group tour ?


Most foreign cell phones do work in Italy. If you have cell phone coverage with AT&T, Verizon or T-Mobile, you should have no difficulty. For other carriers, the best cell phone to use in Italy is one that supports GSM 900 and GSM 1800 frequencies.


Please note that making phone calls in Italy can be expensive if you have not set up an international call package with your cell phone carrier prior to arriving in Italy. We recommend that you arrange international coverage for the period that you will be abroad.


25. Is Google Maps available in Italy?


Yes. You can also download Google Maps to your phone to limit roaming charges. You can also use Google Maps on-line but you may incur roaming charges.

26. Is Australian, Canadian  or US  currency accepted in Italy? Should I get euros before going to Italy? What is the best way to get euros in Italy to use during my trip?


No, dollars and other foreign currencies are not accepted in Italy. The euro is the form of exchange used in Italy and in most of Europe.


The cheapest, most convenient and best way to get euros in Italy is to use your Mastercard or Visa-branded bank ATM card. These cards are accepted at the vast majority of bank ATMs throughout Italy. Most ATMs also have an English option to make it easy to withdraw euros. Withdrawing euros from an Italian bank is similar to withdrawing dollars or pounds at home.


Many travelers obtain a hundred or so euros from their local bank prior to departure for their Italian small group tour. Others wait until they arrive in Italy to use an ATM, which is conveniently located at the Rome airport.


Using traveler’s checks in Italy or exchanging foreign currency for euros, in person, at banks or exchange agencies in Europe can be both time-consuming and expensive. For these reasons, we do not recommend that travelers do this.

Special Requirements For Travel To Italy

27. What are the requirements for travel to Italy? Specifically, are immunizations required for Italy?


There are no special immunizations required in order to travel to Italy.

28. Can US citizens travel to Italy? What travel documents or visas are needed?


Yes, any US citizen with a valid passport can visit Italy.


In terms of travel documents or visas, you only need to have a current Passport which does not expire within six months of your arrival date back home.


If you are going to rent a car after your trip with Italy Adventures, you will need a current Driver’s License and an International Driver’s Permit.

29. Can I use my American, Australian or Canadian driver’s license in Italy?


No. In addition to your American, Australian or Canadian Driver’s license, you must also have an International Driving Permit. U.S. citizens can purchase an inexpensive Permit at AAA   or or from AATA or Australian citizens can purchase one at:


Canadian citizens  have another option. They can get an official sworn translation of their Driver's license. Canadian citizens can get more information at:

Special Requirements For Travel In Italy

Miscellaneous Hints

30. During either before or after your Italian small group tour, if you are paying with your credit card, you may be asked to select if you want to pay in euros or dollars. We recommend selecting euros because credit card companies often offer better exchange rates and often do not charge a processing fee.​


31. If you want to rent a car in Italy after your Italy Adventures tour, be sure to bring a credit card with the same name as the person who will be the main driver on the rental contract. Otherwise, if the names are not the same, the car rental agency will not rent you a car.​​

32. When using American debit card to withdraw funds from a bank, consider taking out the maximum amount possible. Most banks charge a flat fee per withdrawal, plus a currency conversion fee, so it is best to minimize the number of bank withdrawals during your visit in Italy.

Miscellaneous Hints
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