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What You Never Knew About Olives And Olive Oil

21 Interesting Facts To Know

About Olives And The Best Olive Oil in Italy

Olives have been an integral part of life in Italy for generations -- especially in rural Central Italy where I live. The climate, soil and topography here are ideal for growing olive trees.

Just down the road from my place in Spello, the old Roman town of Trevi is surrounded by over 300,000 olive trees. I can tell you from first-hand experience that harvesting olives from that many trees is a huge amount of labor-intensive work.

Trevi is home to the fascinating Museum of the Olive Tree (Museo della Civilita’ dell’Ulivo). Located in an old Convent of Saint Francis which was built in the 13th Century, the building architecture is also interesting. It is has the distinction of being the first public museum in Italy and in Europe dedicated to olive oil and olive trees.

View Of Trevi, Italy In The Spring

View Of Trevi, Italy In The Spring