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About Our Unique,
Best Rated Small Group Tours Of Italy 
For Over 50 & Active Seniors


We offer some of the best rated small group tours of Italy that are designed exclusively for travelers over 50 and active seniors.


In fact, if you are over 50 or an active senior, you’ll love taking one of our private small group tours.


We love to travel at an easy pace. We’ll show you the authentic undiscovered Italy that so many foreigners never experience.


Our tours are really, really small and very private -- for only 2 to 8 travelers.


Our popular tours are all-inclusive in Italy. After you arrive, everything is included in your tour price. There are NO hidden charges.


Italy Adventures is geared toward independent travelers who value lots of personal flexibility and privacy.


You will travel off the beaten path in Central Italy. We’re conveniently located just 2 hours away from Florence and 2 hours from Rome. Come marvel at our idyllic regions: the Marche, Umbria and Tuscany, Italy.


We offer 7 day and 10 day small group tours of Italy. You can also extend your trip and add a few days if you wish.


Our tours are designed to be easy, flexible, and most importantly, fun. You can sit back, relax, and enjoy your trip.

Unique, Worry-Free Private Small Group Tours Of Italy

Our tours are genuinely unique.


Each person in your private group is chosen by you -- not by us. You get to choose exactly who will be on your private tour.


We promise that no strangers will be added to your tour once you book your small private tour!


We treat travelers as personal guests -- not as foreign outsiders.


We love to share the wonders of the best undiscovered places in all of Italy.


Our Small Group Tours Of Italy For Over 50 Are
Completely Hassle-Free


During your entire stay, you will have access to a 24/7 on-site, bilingual host. Your personal host will travel with you each day. Rest assured that foreign customs or languages will not be a problem for you!


After you land in Rome, we will personally greet you at the airport. You will then be whisked away by your own private Italian chauffeur to the best of Central Italy.


You’ll stay at delightful family-run Italian hotels that feature authentic Italian ambiance. All of our hotels are personally selected. They are quaint, charming, and often situated amidst stunning landscapes.


Our guests love to visit our private centuries-old palazzo.


You’ll travel in the best of undiscovered Italy. We’ll give you lots of flexibility to do the things you most enjoy. After all, you’re in Italy to have some fun!


With Italy Adventures, you will not need to worry about:


  • Navigating the Rome airport

  • Driving in Italy’s ancient towns

  • Finding and eating at the best authentic family-owned restaurants

  • Translating menus

  • Speaking Italian

  • Discovering where locals shop

  • Finding experienced, knowledgeable local tour guides

  • Dealing with foreign currency and crazy exchange rates

We're Proud To Offer High Quality
Top-Notch Personal Service

We offer top-notch personal service so you can enjoy a worry-free vacation.


We will consult with you to discover what sorts of things you would like to see and do in Italy. You won’t need to worry about planning or the endless details of your trip.


We’ve got you covered!


Do you like:


  • Enjoying the best of undiscovered Italy?

  • Seeing breathtaking Italian scenery?

  • Touring ancient Roman towns?

  • Pausing and marveling at magnificent sunsets?

  • Experiencing a true Italian wine bar?

  • Trying authentic cappuccino?

  • Strolling through village markets?

  • Salivating over tasty Italian gelato?

  • Shopping for fine Italian goods, clothing, or artisan high-quality goods?

  • Riding an ebike and biking through the beautiful countryside?

  • Taking a cooking class?

  • Enjoying your latest new favorite restaurant for a 2nd time?


Whatever your preference, Let’s Do It!


And remember, there are NO hidden charges.


When you take one of our private small group tours of Italy for over 50, we will help you to “Slow Down and Smell the Pasta!.”

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