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Enjoyable Slow Paced Tours Of Italy

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At Italy Adventures, we have a passion for all things Italian. We love the people, the culture, the history, the architecture, the geography, the food, the wine, and the Italian way of life. And we want to share our love of Italy with you.​


When you take one of our small private tours of Italy off the beaten path, we’ll help you “Slow Down and Smell the Pasta!”

​“We recently returned from taking one of their slow paced tours of Italy. It was the perfect balance of travel and relaxation. They tailored the itinerary to our particular interests, never sacrificing attention to detail." Don T.


"We took a trip of a lifetime by taking  a private, slow paced tour to Italy. It was truly small with just two travelers. We particularly loved having a 4-course picnic along a Roman aqueduct after our walk. The highlight though was our cooking class with an authentic Italian chef. This trip was a great experience that we hope to repeat someday!!” Linda D.

"We have used several different small tour companies with much larger tour groups. We liked this one the best because it was a private and small. We loved taking a slow paced Italian tour.  Italy Adventures paid attention to each and every small detail which made for an amazing trip. We love to shop and will be back again to take their Made in  Italy shopping tour." Diane T.


“We absolutely love taking  one of their small private tours of Italy off the beaten path. It was truly was a magical escape back to a simpler time. The views were spectacular of Umbrian hilltop towns -- especially at dawn and dusk. We really enjoyed having lots of flexibility to do what we enjoy at a relaxing slow pace in Italy. We are active seniors and thought that this was one of the best slow paced Italian tours that we could have even taken." Paula S.


You can see more reviews on Trip Advisor and Google Reviews.


Off The Beaten Path Italy Tours
With Italy Adventures

Take an enjoyable slow paced Italy tour.

Designed for just two-to-eight travelers.

Discover the best, non-touristy, undiscovered places in Italy.

See unforgettable Italy hidden gems.

Travel in Italy like a true insider.

Immerse yourself in the local culture.

Create memories of a lifetime!

The Experts In
Off The Beaten Path Italy Tours

Take one of our small private tours of Italy

Enjoy lots of personal flexibility

Be on your own as much or as little as you wish

Explore & tour Central Italy, Umbria & Tuscany

Discover the treasures of Florence & Siena

Enjoy personalized high-end service

Our tours are all inclusive

Experience one of our small private tours of Italy which are reserved for active seniors and adults

Our tours have NO hidden charges

Take one of our 10 day tours of Italy or 7 day Italy tours depending on how much time you have.

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