Our overriding goal is to make your visit as easy and convenient as possible when you take your leisurely tour of Italy. You'll discover various Italian hidden gems while visiting a number of secret places in Italy off the beaten path.  ​

Take one of our easy paced tours to Italy exclusively with your spouse, partner, family or friends. You can create your own private small group tour of Italy for only 2-to-8 travelers. All of our tours are private. They are reserved just for you and your group. We guarantee that no strangers will be added to your group.

All of our private small group tours are reserved for seniors, adults and young adults, 16 years or older. Our tours are all inclusive in Italy and there are no hidden charges. 


​With our casual “White Glove” service, we will escort you as much, or as little, as you wish. We’ll linger with you at restaurants to translate menus, walk through towns to introduce you to various shop keepers and provide information whenever needed. We will even help you navigate bank ATMs to withdraw euros from your account.


We are also happy to “disappear” and return to pick you up at a later time. You will travel at an enjoyable easy pace IItaly, Tuscany and Umbria.


Unlike most other tour companies, with Italy Adventures you are in control of the pace for your tour. 


Come travel with Italy Adventures


When you take one of our leisurely tours of Italy, we'll help you to “Slow Down and Smell the Pasta!

Enjoy A Slow Easy Italy Tour

We believe that travel must be easy, interesting and fun. It should awaken your sense of adventure. A great trip should leave you wishing that you had time for more.


We travel the back roads, happy to be in the slow lane during a leisurely trip to Italy. We stroll through famous Italian hill towns and we linger in small artisan shops. We stop to admire a rainbow. We travel at a slow enjoyable easy pace. We go where the locals go, where the best of the real Italy still can be found.

All our private leisurely tours of Italy are conducted in the heart of Central Italy -- just two hours north of Rome and two hours south of Florence.

​Our private small group tours are located in a region which Lonely Planet named as the best and only region in Italy to visit in 2023.


There you will be based in the old Roman historic town of Spello dating back 2,100 years. This is a glorious town and place off the beaten path where you can escape the large tourist crowds that are typical in so many parts of Italy.

You'll enjoy superb food and wine while traveling at an easy pace in Italy, Umbria and Tuscany.


You'll sample and taste our local award-winning olive oil which is among the best in the world.


You’ll visit the stunning Italian countryside, discover timeless archaeological sites, explore Roman ruins, perhaps attend a time-honored cultural festival, and enjoy many flavors of the world’s finest gelato.


And of course, we’ll take you to one of the finest chocolate factories in the world!

By taking a leisurely trip to Italy, you will learn first-hand why Italians are so famous for their exuberant enjoyment of life.​